News From The Honduras Team!

Well, the Honduras team is coming along, some are beginning to struggle now that we are right in the middle of Boot Camp, but all of them are learning to depend on the Lord alone for their strength.
We did get the Piggy Award on Friday, so we cleaned the Boot Camp bathrooms during our free time on Saturday. I think that was enough to encourage everyone to be cleaner!
Yesterday, Hannah ran the Obstacle Course with the front flag, meaning the whole team had to run behind her. She did a good job! We switched tent partners today and cleaned out our tents. We had a church service around the lake this morning, so that was different. Today was also Boot Camp Olympics in the afternoon, so everyone got to have a lot of fun with that. Noah won first place in the Bubble Ball race, and Clara B., Weston, Nathan, and Elsa won second place in the Bandana Toss! And this evening, the whole Boot Camp was treated to yummy pizza and COLD milkshake!! I think we are all refreshed enough to face the last week of Boot Camp! Here are some words from the team members themselves:

“Before I got to Boot Camp, I was not in my Bible as much, and not talking to God as much. When I got to Boot Camp, I relied on God a lot more, and talking to God helped me with my troubles.” Weston 

“Ever since I got here, I’ve been wondering, ‘why am I here again?’ But the Lord has shown me that I can still learn. He also showed me that I can tell others about Him in a way that shows who He really is. I pray that I can keep a positive attitude. Matthew 28:19-20” Zander
“I learned in Boot Camp to never give up because if you do, then you won’t get the full experience, especially having a team that loves and supports you! I truly have seen a change in myself. And I’m so happy I came!” Clara Craig

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