The Madagascar Team Is Doing Great!

Greetings all!!!

The past couple of days have been full of fun and training for our team! Friday night we received the Godliness Award for our help with the Preteens on the Obstacle Course. The kids were excited to be able to swim in the pool on Saturday during our Free Time!
On Saturday we had K.P. which is kitchen duty. We were able to help with serving the rest of the camp during meals and we helped with washing the dishes and cleaning the serving area. The team worked well together while also having fun with the jobs they were given. 
Motorcycle training has been going well! The majority of the team is learning quickly and applying what they are learning. A few are still struggling with confidence on the bikes, so prayer for everyone to gain confidence would be greatly appreciated. 
Today is the Boot Camp Olympics! This is where, after lunch, the whole Boot Camp will participate in games and relays! It is a fun time of team bonding and friendly competition. Dinner tonight is the alligator pizza and milkshake and the team members are incredibly excited! Today should be fun!  
“Boot Camp is fun! My team is pretty amazing and the bikes are the best! It’s is amazing to see God move every night and all of the people worshipping.”      – Shayli G.
“The Obstacle Course is a blast! I wish we were able to run it more though. The bikes are awesome, I’m making new friends and learning to work as a team. I’m definitely coming back!”   – Andrew M.
“1.) Boot Camp has made me realize my strengths and weaknesses. 2.) Boot Camp has made me grow very close to my teammates. 3.) Boot Camp has made me stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. 4.) Boot Camp has let me realize that going overseas on a mission trip is serious business.”     – Daniel S.
“To see all the kids worshipping and surrendering to God is extremely encouraging! I love our devotions every morning. Our team has been able to grow through our classes and the Obstacle Course. Through all of the inconveniences, I have had a lot of fun and have already been able to grow closer to God!”     – Audrey M.  

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