The South Africa Team Is Entering Their Boot Camp Home Stretch!

As I type, Republic of South Africa is participating in Radical Sunday Activities…
Yes, today is Super Sunday here at the Lord’s Boot Camp! It’s a hot, sunny day but the Lord keeps sending us refreshing breezes now and again. For that we are thankful!
Sunday finds things a bit different than the normal Boot Camp schedule. Teams started their day with the normal rise and shine at 5:30; followed by Rapture Report at 6. Our team didn’t have to run the OC today; a relief on a Sunday. Instead we got to participate in a timed event called World Map. Again we were paired with the Indiana team. World Map is basically an large-sized puzzle of the world. Teams compete to see who can assemble the most pieces representing the countries of the world in 10 minutes. We’ll find out the results at tonight’s rally. 
After a leisurely breakfast of toast, bacon, fruit, and cereal options we had Quiet Time followed by a presentation of the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission outreach and verse quizzing practice. I say leisurely breakfast because we were first in the breakfast line, giving us about 20 additional minutes to eat! 
After the morning classes, we dressed in our Sunday best and headed out to the back forty for the Galilean (church) service. It was a warm day around the lake, but we had great challenge given by Mr. Abrahamson on faith and serving our Lord.
This afternoon finds the team participating in Boot Camp Olympic Games. Teams compete against each other in activities such as Boot Kick, Bandana Toss, and Flush the Duck. While awaiting their turn for their events, team members are saying their memory verses, visiting, and writing letters home. Hopefully some of today’s activities will be elaborated upon in those letters home.
So what do our team members have to say this week?
Hannah B…I have had a good Boot Camp experience so far. It has been fun to get to know my new team members and see old ones again. I have also enjoyed the drama class we get to take.
Nathan B…So far, Boot Camp is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. But having extremely accepting and caring teammates and knowing God is with me every second is a life saver and the best thing of this whole place!
Lucinda P…Before I came to Boot Camp I heard a lot of mixed reviews on what it would be like, most of which were not good; but all in all it’s been a really great experience!  We got our first team SB today and honestly I really had a lot of fun doing it. It was such a great team-building experience and I would love to do it again. My team and I are getting along really well and I can’t wait until we go overseas to share Jesus’ love with those who need it. 
Hanna S…My favorite class every day is drama because I really like expressing myself in that way. In drama we have learned the dramas Because we want to be Loved, Colors, and Battle Ground. My favorite is Battle Ground. I like how it expresses the story of guarding your heart. It’s rained a lot, but I’m glad it doesn’t rain every day. I enjoy jumping off the rope swing into the lake on hot afternoons. I learned from one of my Bible teachers that God has us where He has us for a reason.
Others who have enjoyed the rope swing into Bathtub Lake after bath/laundry time are Abigail, Haley, Alexandra, Faith, Spicer, Samantha, Abby, and Lucy. Only one lost water shoe so far!
In Music Class, we have been practicing presentations we will use in ministering in South Africa. Team Members have been writing out testimonies of how God is working in their lives; including finding a Bible Verse of encouragement. Thanks, Emily, for being the first to jump in and share with the group! Her verse of encouragement was Romans 3:22-24. 
Faith has been busy in Music Class organizing a ukulele quartet of sorts. It will be fun to see them come together as a group. 
During Balloon Class, team members were challenged to take one balloon and manipulate it in different ways to tell a Bible Lesson. Haley and Abby came up with a creative way to tell the Life of Christ from birth to resurrection.
While all team members have to learn all parts for our dramas, in our newest drama Battle Ground Josh and Spicer have been portraying Jesus. Hannah and Nathan have been representing Satan. Haley and Lucy have been representing the girl whose heart is being tempted by Satan. Other team members are the supporting cast representing God’s angels or the fallen angels.
All the songs, puppets, and dramas we have been doing are brand new to Susanna, and she has done a fabulous job cheerfully learning all the words and choreography. Not an easy task as there is so much to learn in just two weeks!
To end our Radical Sunday Activities, we will be having alligator pizza, chocolate milkshakes, and the pool! Congratulations team members for winning the pool privilege by winning the Brain Storming activity in designing a new Boot Camp T-shirt. “Mosquitos for Messiah” (front) “He shed is blood for us, we’ll shed ours for Him at the Lord’s Boot Camp” (back). 
Praise God for the original Radical Sunday Activity- the Resurrection of our Lord! Keep the team in prayers as we enter the home stretch; prayers for health and safety and growth as a team. 


  1. South Africa team, you are going to have an amazing summer! It will be cold when you get there. But your hearts will be warmed by the South Africans… old people and children!!. They are amazing people. Please give my greetings to the Shrocks! Praise the LORD for a family that loves Jesus so much and serves Him so willingly.

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