The Taiwan Team Is Doing Great!

Hello family and friends,  
The Taiwan team is doing well and we are counting down the days until we leave Boot Camp.  Today we are having the Boot Camp Olympics.  It is a fun time to compete in different activities and work more as a team.  The kids are very excited!  They are looking forward to the pizza and milkshakes they will get for dinner when we finish up the Olympics.  
Our team has found a great rhythm to running the Obstacle Course taking turns leading.  We have successfully gotten each team member over the Wall and most have done it multiple times.  Saturday we disqualified on the Obstacle Course and had to serve our first team Special Blessing as a result.  They worked hard together to complete the job and reminded each other this morning to pay careful attention to the details.  
Hope turned 18 on Friday and we sang Happy Birthday many times throughout the day as well as giving her some cards.  Her family and friends flooded her with love through emails and cards which meant a lot to her.
Your children have learned quickly to work together towards the Cleanliness Award.  They encourage and hold one another accountable when it comes to cleaning tents, tent site, eating site, and our Big Top sitting area.  
The homesickness is starting to fade as we look forward to getting to the field and starting our work.  Their relationships deepen and true friendship are being made.  Boot Camp has done so much for us as a team, but we are ready to get to Taiwan.  Please continue to pray for wisdom as we get closer to packing up, that all would go smoothly and our transition over seas would be seamless.
Caleb H. – My team is so great!  I would have given up on day one without them.  I can’t wait to have pizza and milkshake tonight!
Mikaela C. – Hi!  Boot Camp is so fun.  I love and miss you all!
Morgan B. –   Hey Mom and Dad (and Mattie!), Boot Camp is still sweaty, but all the evangelism training is getting me so excited for the field.  Only one more week!  Love you, see you soon.
Anya H.  Boot Camp is a lot of work, but still a ton of fun.  We all have so many opportunities to grow spiritually.  Can’t wait to get over to Taiwan!
Aric R.  Hello everyone!  I’m excited for a milkshake.

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