A Forest Angels Team Update!

Forest Angels had a busy Sunday! We started out with running the Obstacle Course, then breakfast, followed by personal devotions. After two classes, we went to our tents to change for church. This was a bit different than most church services in that we walked out to a lake on Teen Missions property and sat on the shore. The speaker was on a platform out in the water, hence the name Galilean Service. Then it was back to our tents to change again and get ready for lunch. After that it was Olympics Teen Missions style. We partnered with the Arizona Team, another small team. The kids had a lot of fun with the events. Kaylyn won the Boot Toss (kicked her boot off her foot the farthest) for our team, Allie and Brendan came through on Flush the Duck (filling a barrel with water until the rubber ducks inside floated or splashed out of the barrel. We did well on other events as well. We had pizza and chocolate milkshake for dinner, which was enjoyed by all.

We’ve had a bit of rain, but nothing like the downpour we had last week. Unfortunately, on the day we won the Clean Award, there was thunder and we did not get to swim in the pool. Hopefully we will get the Clean Award again and the weather will cooperate. But not today—we are wearing “pig” signs and get to clean the leader bathroom during free time. Hopefully, it will be incentive to be neater.
The kids are having fun with their classes and learning new things. This week they will start music and puppet training, useful skills when we go out and do evangelism. 
And now a word from a few of our kids (convincing them to write something is challenging)


Boot Camp is amazing! In Elly’s own words, “The food is great!” It gets confusing sometimes but it’s great! Allie

Boot Camp is great. The food is amazing. Ruth Anne

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