Bula From The Fiji Team!

We are on the “downhill slide” in Boot Camp and are eagerly anticipating our trip to Fiji!. We have had a busy few days!
We continue to frequently win the Obstacle Course. However, we disqualified today, so we get to work during our free time. Everyone has been over the Wall which is usually the hardest obstacle to conquer. It is exciting to watch them work together as a team, helping and encouraging one another as they run the course.
We have not won the Piggy since the one time last week and we are thankful for that! We would love to win the Cleanliness Award so we could swim in the pool and they are trying hard, but so is everyone else!
Sunday was a busy day. They got up at the regular time and ran the Obstacle Course. After cleaning up, they hiked to our back lake where they sat on the shore and listened to the speaker for the Galilean Service. After lunch, they participated in the “Boot Camp Olympics”. There were several “events” including “flush the duck”, “boot kick”, “bandanna toss”, “longest boot lace” and “longest water line”. Our team won the “longest water line”. 
Sunday evening was highlighted with chocolate milkshakes and pizza. Some were regretting how much they ate!
We are into our last week of training. We will be taking down some of Boot Camp on Friday and packing out on Saturday. We will be commissioned Saturday night and will leave Boot Camp that night and spend the night at the Orlando International Airport. We are looking forward to ice-cold drinks and A/C! We have a late morning flight to LA where we will have a long layover. The kids are planning on calling their parents on Saturday night. Those who don’t reach their parents will try again in LA. For those who want, we will walk to “In and Out Burger” which is located close to the airport. Our flight to Fiji leaves that evening.
Please pray for health, safety and that the team will finish Boot Camp strong. 
Here are a few testimonies from our team members:
“Hello people of the internet! We have just passed the halfway point with our training at the Lord’s Boot Camp. The Fiji team is very excited to be almost done with Boot Camp! 🙂 The training has been very helpful to sue. Please continue to pray for our team and all the other teams as we prepare our hearts and minds for our missions. Thank you and God bless!” -Timothy P.
“Hi, mom and dad! I’m doing great. Everything is going smoothly. I love my team. Everyone is OK and doing well. I’m having a lot of fun and I love Boot Camp! Love you!” -Broden W.
“This past week at Boot Camp has been amazing! I’ve made a lot of friends and I’ve learned a lot more about God. I’ve learned to love God and my team like I’ve never known.” -Shanson M.


  1. We understand that our grandson, Luke, has been in the infirmary. We are so disappointed that he contracted hoof and mouth virus.. somewhere along the way to Florida. We have been praying for quick recovery. So sorry he has missed out on the training that has been happening. Will he still be able to go to Fiji? Looks like a good team of kids going. 🙂 G’pa and G’ma Wiens
    Please say hello to Luke for us.

    1. Naomi, He has been such a blessing, even in the sick tent. There have been a couple of leaders who have encountered him and want to take him with them! We are hoping he comes out tonight or tomorrow, but we don’t want him out until he is recovered. He was able to be in the team picture yesterday and was at the tent site during Free Time.

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