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In the last report I promised to tell you about Super Sunday.  Super Sunday marked the halfway point at Boot Camp! The day started out as usual, with running the Obstacle Course, breakfast and devotions. Then we learned more about Teen Mission’s Motorcycle Sunday Schools around the world, followed by a Bible verse quiz game.
After getting dressed in our Sunday clothes, we went to Alligator Lake for the Galilean Service. The two-person worship team and the teacher were out in a boat and all the teams gathered around the U-shaped shore. It was very hot in the sun, but we got a good feeling for what it might have been like when Jesus was preaching to the crowds from a boat.
Our team had Prayer Closet all day as well, so eight of us (Levi, Jacob, Marissa, Josiah, Kaylee, Sam, Jessica, and Daniel) took turns being up in the prayer tower for an hour each, praying for all the teams, the projects, Boot Camp, and various other topics.
After lunch the Olympics started. From a competition for the lady leaders to start a fire and boil a pot of water as fast as possible, to the kids racing wheelbarrows, trying to splash rubber ducks out of water barrels, racing in bubble balls, to blowing peanuts along the walkway with a straw, there were all kinds of fun games. Our team won two of the events (Duffel Bag Relay and Peanut 500).
In the meantime, some of the leaders and several kids from each team (for us that was Mary, Josiah and Isaac) were preparing dinner – Alligator Pizza! Picture three large tables, about 8’x8′, with metal sheets on them. On those tables piece of pizza dough are put together in the shape of two alligators or two boots per sheet. Add sauce, cheese, pepperoni, meat, peppers, onions, in nice decoration of the alligators, then put the pizza into a giant charcoal oven to bake the pizza. It looked and tasted amazing! To go with that we had a 500-gallon chocolate milkshake. It felt oh so good to have the first cold drink in a week!! The kids thoroughly enjoyed dinner, that’s for sure.
The evening rally included some fun items as well, e.g. a game where a leader from each team had to guess the price of specific items that are available in the Boot Camp store. In case you’re curious: Lightly used water shoes are $3, and a sponge is $2.75 (that last one decided the winner).
We also took up an offering for sending a container of clothes to the AIDS Orphan Rescue Units that Teen Missions runs in various countries. Our team raised $1091!
This week we started our class on the well-drilling rig. It’s two hours each morning. We are learning how the controls works, practiced putting pipes on and taking them off, and how the engine and the water pump operate. It is quite interesting! Our head leader, Mr. Maher, is teaching this class. All the kids have gotten a chance to operate the rig, and most of them have practiced adding and removing pipes.
On Monday we did the World Map instead of running the Obstacle Course. It is basically a big puzzle with all the countries of the world in big wooden pieces that need to be put in their correct spots on the concrete outlines. We got 116 countries right in 10 minutes!
On Tuesday we ran the Obstacle Course a little differently: We did the Wall right at the beginning, so that those that usually don’t make it to the Wall would have a chance to go over the wall as well. For our team that was Daniel and Gregory. We got both of them over with great teamwork!  Unfortunately we did have one foot outside the imaginary line on the Wall, so we got disqualified for that and have to serve our first SB (Special Blessing)  today. Our assignment will likely be related to getting ready for tearing down Boot Camp, which starts on Friday. 
For tear-down our team is in charge of taking down the side panels of Big Top 1 & 2 on Friday, and then on Saturday, after the Commissioning Service, we will work late into the night to tear down the stage and lighting rig in Big Top 1. Then we are under orders to sleep until noon on Sunday – many of us are definitely looking forward to that part 🙂
And yes, we did get the Piggy “award” for a third time… The biggest bummer about that is that it keeps us out of the lake where the kids have so much fun swinging and jumping off the rope carousel. The carousel is motorized and swings four ropes in a big circle over the lake. The boys like climbing up the top before dropping into the water.
Today (Wednesday) we took our team picture, which you will hopefully get to see soon. We are also serving KP (kitchen patrol) again, so the team is busy right now serving food and washing dishes.
The team continues to work great together, and they all really like each other. They are just amazing together, and care so much about and for each other!
“So far Boot Camp has already taught me a lot about myself and has made me realize how undeserving of God’s grace and love I am, yet how much I desperately need Him. I have reaffirmed my faith and am living with a blind faith and trust in Him. John 16:33” – Marissa B
“Being here at Boot Camp has really reminded me of how blessed I am, and how thankful I am for things from air conditioning to a room to sleep in. Boot Camp is a great experience and I hope others can come as well and learn from Him just as I was able to!” – Mary S

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  1. Thank you for such detail in your updates! I really appreciate the thoughtfulness! I’m praying daily (many times a day actually) for the team!! Much love to you all!

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