A Zimbabwe Report!

The team is continuing their training at Boot Camp to prepare them for the field. They have continued to have Drama class, Puppets, and Music and have been taking Advanced Evangelism this week as well.  

The weather has continued to be hot, humid, and sunny. There have been a couple nice rain showers in the afternoon/evening that have brought some relief to the heat.

This past Sunday the team enjoyed nice cold chocolate milkshakes and alligator pizza for supper. For many of the team members, it was one of the best parts of Boot Camp.

The evening Rallies have been a big part of Boot Camp where everyone from all the teams come together and worship and praise the Lord and hear a speaker. It has been so neat to see the team worship God together and to refocus their eyes on Him after long days of training. 

“Since I’ve been at Boot Camp, I’ve learned a lot about teamwork. I’ve grown closer to God through daily devotions and evening worship. I feel more equipped to share the Gospel with people back home.” – Shannon T.
“Boot Camp has made me realize how soon and how close you can get to people you normally would avoid.” – Sylvia
“Boot Camp has been an incredible experience. I’ve grown in the Lord while being disciplined in His Word. I’ve made incredible friendship and have changed my point of view on missions and how blessed I am.” – Rachel H.

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