An Update From The Ecuador Teen Team!

Hello from your Ecuador team!
We are almost done with our Boot Camp training – praise the Lord! Your teens can now lay concrete block, mix concrete, frame reasonably well, do puppets and dramas, sing several songs in Spanish (thank you Santiago for helping our pronunciation!), and many, many more useful skills. They are getting along well, and loving each other well every day. 
Wednesday we had our best day on the Obstacle Course ever! We all made it to the Wall before our time was up, and we got 13 people over the Wall! Wow!! We were VERY excited about that!
This week we are working in Music class on introducing ourselves in Spanish, singing, and putting together presentations to hopefully be used in Ecuador. We are also planning to take down Boot Camp on Friday with all the other teams – we get to help take down one of the Big Top tents! We will be starting Pack Out on Saturday, but since we don’t fly until Tuesday, we will have a little extra time to get all packed up and weigh our bags.
We are SO EXCITED for Commissioning! We’ve been sharing some travel plans with the team, and they are chatting excitedly about visiting the Equator and starting our work project. Some of us have a very specific goal of petting a llama too – we’ll see if we can make that happen! 🙂 You should expect your children’s phone call home this weekend. We are only able to talk for a few minutes, but they’re excited to hear your voices and tell you as much about Boot Camp as we can fit in our short calls. 
While we definitely have some tiredness going on, your precious kids are doing well. We are reminding them to drink lots of water, and they’re staying pretty well hydrated. We have a few blisters and things, but we are healing. They continue to impress us with their sweet hearts, encouraging words, and support for each other AND their leaders! We are so grateful for this team!!!
And mail is always a highlight. Thank you so much for your support while we’ve been in Boot Camp! We appreciate your prayers and letters and emails! 
“Boot Camp is going great. We only have four days left, then we go to Ecuador! I’m excited!” – Johnny L.
“Boot Camp is difficult, but fun. It really trains you for the missions trip you’re going on. I’m grateful for our classes so we’ll be prepared for Ecuador!” – Dominique D. 

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