An Update From The Ethiopia Team!

After the milkshakes and pizza that the team had on Sunday, they continue during the week with great attitudes. The milkshakes and pizza gave them a positive reason to strive towards the day they leave for Ethiopia. Sunday also gave us an idea of who can handle sugar and who gets a “little” hyper with some. April Y., was super hyper after her three cups of milkshakes. She also was really happy after making it over the Slough Monday morning. All of the team greatly enjoyed the milkshakes and pizza. Pheobe P. was one of the former team members who got to go and help make the pizza and she greatly enjoyed doing so.
The team had a fun time participating in the Team Missions Sunday Olympics. Sunday was a semi-relaxing day of fun and ended with Rally. The team enjoys singing every night at Rally. Casey E., really gets into doing the moves for the songs and singing. He is someone the team can tell had grown closer to Christ from the beginning to where we are now. Our only goal for the team this week is to strive to listen to the leaders and to follow instructions the first time around.
Arielle I. – Hey lovely family. I miss you guys so much. Not doing the Obstacle Course is a blessing. I’m hot, sweaty, and tired all the time but when we get to Ethiopia I’m sure it’ll be worth it. Can’t wait to see you guys at the end of the summer and have cool stories to tell you.
Lauren H. – Hey Guys! I miss everyone so much! Boot Camp is okay. The food is good but we’re always having soup on a hot day. We got the pool three times in a row. I don’t have blisters yet!
April Y. – The Lord’s Boot Camp is the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced, but the Lord has grown me and showed me a greater glimpse of His love. Also the Lord has answered my prayer and given me strong, fun, fellow Christian friends. I look forward to what lies for my team and I this summer.
Jason B. – So far Boot Camp has been great. It can be a bit rough at times, but it’s great to bond with the team. I love being able to start the morning out with running the Obstacle Course.
Luke H. – Boot Camp so far has been interesting. I have met some really cool people and made some really good friends and bro’s. I’m looking forward to what God is going to do! Peace out! 

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