An Update From The Holy Land Team!

Can you believe that Boot Camp is almost over??? One more day of training and then two days to pack and prepare to leave!! Commissioning is on Saturday night and we are all very excited to get on our way to The Holy Land.

We had KP on Sunday and helped prepare the CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE! We formed an assembly line, led by Josh, and passed the COLD ice cream and milk up a ladder to be dumped into the 500-gallon, stainless steel container to be mixed by two volunteer “Shaker-nauts” who helped get the ingredients all mixed. Four of our Former Team Members helped to make the huge, alligator-shaped pizzas: Claire, Kymberly, Eliana, and Dot. We all stuffed ourselves with it all! It was soooooo good.
We also got to swim in the pool on Sunday for the Clean Award! It sure felt refreshing after a hot afternoon of Olympic games. Our team won their heat in the wheelbarrow races and we won the Boot Kick!
Today, we spent some extra time at our tent site sorting through our things deciding what to pack and what to leave behind. We will begin the packing process on Friday afternoon. After Commissioning on Saturday night, we will spend the night in the chapel area and then load our bus, SHOWER, and make our way to the Orlando airport to begin our flights to Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel. We are all so excited to go and have the opportunity to be a blessing at Hope School and to walk where Jesus walked! Expect phone calls from your kids sometime late Sunday afternoon or early evening.
Please pray for good health and safety in travel. A few of the team members have the sniffles. We are praying they are all better before we fly on Sunday night.
Testimony from Aaron: I have been amazed at this team. They are my new family. It’s very awesome to be part of a team that works so well together. I can’t wait to go to Israel to serve the Lord!


  1. Yay Holy Land team! We are rooting for you from afar. It is great to hear this report and see the photo of the team. It sounds like the team is bonding in a special way. Now go forth with God’s power and show the love of Jesus! Praying for a safe, special trip to Israel.

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