An Update From The Madagascar MSSM Team!

Hello all!!! 

The last couple days have been full of excitement! On Tuesday and Wednesday morning, when the team ran the O.C., they got everyone over the Wall (plus two leaders on Wednesday)!!! It was awesome to see their teamwork and how they rallied behind each other in order to finish the course strong and as one unit. 
Motorcycle training has been going well! The team practiced four way stops and driving both directions in our “village” simulation on Monday. On Tuesday they practiced hill stops, riding with a passenger, and figure 8’s as well as general riding around the course. They are doing fantastic and really getting the hang of it. 
The team started Phonics and Music classes on Monday. Phonics is a super important class because it is an integral part in what we will be teaching at the Sunday schools in Madagascar. Music class is going well and the team is learning songs in Malagasy, which is the language the people of Madagascar speak. They sound pretty good so far !:)
Continued prays for team unity, good health, and safety are greatly appreciated! As well as prayers for the last couple days of Boot Camp as we begin to wind down and get ready to pack out and leave for Madagascar! We thank you for all the prayers and support!

“Hey everyone! Boot Camp is going great! I love our team, we are getting to know each other well along with the other teams here at Boot Camp. I am looking forward to Madagascar very much while also enjoying Boot Camp while it lasts. LOVE YOU MOM!”     – Caleb W. (I smiled when I read this seeing how I just spoke with you!-Beth)
“Boot Camp has been amazing so far! It has been super hot and rainy, but we are making the best of it. Bike training is going great and everyone is picking it up pretty well! I can’t wait to be back in Madagascar!”   – Ashton R. 
“Hi, I’m Judah and am attending Boot Camp. I have learned many valuable life- lessons. Every day is fun especially with riding motorcycles; it is a highlight. I can’t wait to go to the field with these newly-acquired skills.”     – Judah F.
“Teen Missions Boot Camp is a great place to decide what in life is a need and what is a want. That is exactly what I have been doing here. Being around wise people is nothing but helpful. Four more days!!!”     – Josh L. 

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