Greetings From The Indiana Team!

These last two weeks of Boot Camp have flown by. The team is doing so well at staying strong through out the whole training period, and everyone is looking forward to leaving on Sunday morning. This past week our schedule has changed a bit and they have been taking some new classes such as; Advanced Evangelism, Fair Training, and an Old Testament Tabernacle Tour. We have managed to escape the Piggy signs, some nights just barely, however tents are looking cleaner each day! Our team has been so positive in all that they do, especially the Obstacle Course. We run each morning with the South Africa team which adds another element of difficulty, and we have only had one DQ! We are very excited for our last day of training, pack out, and then Commissioning Cay! The Lord has blessed us with beautiful weather to dry out clothes; please pray it will stay that way so our tents can also stay dry.


Indiana Team

Kayla Cassel: This week the Lord has taught me that if you trust, and put your faith in Him, He will always be there for you. I also learned that you can’t do anything without God. Accepting God is one of the best things I’ve done.

Jocelyn Harris: The Obstacle Course here has really tested my strength and endurance with myself and God. Finally coming to terms that it is about teamwork and unity, not about speed and winning. God has also worked tremendously within me to break out of my inner circle and comfort zone and create more of a confidence in making friendships and trusting others. Every time I’ve come up to a struggle, I repeat Joshua 1:9. I have also realized that I am a child of God!

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