Hello From The Honduras Team!

Greetings from The Lord’s Boot Camp! For some team members, Boot Camp is more difficult than for others. But with just three full days until we leave for Honduras, I think even those who have had the hardest time are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Several team members have had colds, allergies, or aches and pains due to the boots, heat and humidity or the Obstacle Course. But everyone is beginning to feel better and faces are brightening. We had kitchen duties today and tomorrow will be the last day of running the Obstacle Course. The messages during the evening Rallies have been challenging to almost every member and many have been responding positively. Here are some more of their own words:
“The past week at Boot Camp has been great. I’ve personally gained new friends and my team has grown quite close as a whole. I’ve been taking some fun classes, and while it’s mostly review, I’ve been learning some interesting things. The meals have been consistently pretty good, but still not quite as good as at home. The sleep/wake times have been a bit strange, but not hard to get used to. Boot Camp has, so far, been a fun learning experience, and only slightly difficult. I can’t wait to get to Honduras!” Eliseo
“I learned I have no time for showers. I learned not to bring useless sunscreen. I learned the shop has good stuff that is outrageously low or high in price. I learned the worship gets more insane every day (good). I learned Advanced Evangelism is fun!” Anderson
“These last days I’ve learned that I need to follow rules even when I strongly disagree with them. I’m also functioning on a lot less sleep and I’m pretty tired most of the time. The food is pretty good and all in all, Boot Camp isn’t as bad as I expected.” Noah
“Boot Camp has been amazing. It has taught me to eat fast, pay attention more, and grow with my team.” Nathan
“Wow! I am here at The Lord’s Boot Camp! God is drawing our team closer with every puppets, music, drama and all the rest of our classes! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with the rest of our trip!” Abi 
“I have never seen God work in so many lives. I was so worried that my team wouldn’t get along, that we wouldn’t be after the Lord with our whole hearts, that we wouldn’t be close. However, God has been so faithful!  He has changed each of us already, even in the first week. When I first came, I had a head held too high. I thought I was ready to lead, to be a top team member. God humbled me, showing me I have so much to learn. It isn’t up to me to be a great person, or a hero. God uses us in our biggest weaknesses. I had to say: This isn’t up to me. This is up to God. I have learned that God uses every sorrow, struggle, and weakness to draw us closer to Him. I have had to learn to be weak for Christ, so that He may use me to my fullest potential. Without Christ, I am nothing.” Clara
“When I came to Boot Camp, I did not know what to expect. I learned very quickly how to be self-disciplined and how to completely give up to God and fully trust in Him.” Nathan
“I have learned to have faith in God and that you can do all things through Christ. The OC (Obstacle Course) is fun but challenging. There are times you will be homesick or stuck, but they are also times you will feel strong, so don’t focus on the present but the future. Your situation does not control you, you control your situation. Make sure to keep your tents clean, because after getting the Piggy Award once, you WILL have a clean tent, or else. Always, Always, wear bug spray and your time here will be made a lot better.” Jake 

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