Hello From The Madagascar Eyeglass Team!

Hello from the Lord’s Boot Camp!  We are excited to send you our last message from our training at the Lord’s Boot Camp.  Tomorrow will be our final day of classes, then we will spend Friday morning taking down things here at Boot Camp.  The team is looking forward to preparing to travel to Madagascar.  This past week we were able to be trained in administering the basic vision exams to people in Madagascar, learned about the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission and understood the significance of the biblical Tabernacle and had the opportunity to tour the life-size replica of the Tabernacle.  It has been a very full week.  

As we look ahead, our Commissioning Service will take place on Saturday evening.  We hope all of you can tune into the Teen Missions’ Youtube channel and watch the live feed of event.  This is a significant service where the team members indicate their intention to serve this summer by lighting a candle and heading out of the Big Top one last time to travel to their intended mission field.  As many of you know, we will not be leaving until Tuesday, July 3rd.  We will spend July 1st and 2nd helping to continue to take things down around Boot Camp and then packing our bags for Madagascar.  Then we will begin our multi-day travel to Madagascar.  The team is looking forward to these days!

We appreciate your prayers as we prepare for Saturday.  That the team will finish well, and everyone will remain focused on why we’re here.  Pray for safety and good health as we travel.

Testimonies from Team Members:

Hi Family, Boot Camp is pretty fun so far.  I’ve made lots of new friends and my relationship with the Lord has grown so much.  We only have a few more days of Boot Camp until we leave for Madagascar and I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes me.  I miss you all back home. – Jada

Boot Camp for the week we have been here has been pretty difficult.  It is worth it though. This week has helped me to grow closer to God and make friendships that will last a lifetime.  Our whole team is slowly becoming a small little family.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the future once we get to the field. – Emma

The first few days of Boot Camp were pretty hard; I seriously considered coming home.  Boot Camp is almost over now and I’m glad I came.  I already feel super close to my team and I feel like we’ve all bonded a lot.  I can’t wait until we actually get to the field and start our work.  – Kaitlyn C.

Dear Family, I am writing to you from Boot Camp.  It is really amazing here, I am loving the experience.  The people here are really nice.  The OC or Obstacle Course is kinda hard though, but it’s all for the glory of the Lord.  I am really excited to be heading off to Madagascar soon.  Any who that is all the time I have left because we’re heading off to drama, my favorite class.  Bye! – Nathaniel

Hey Fam, So far Boot Camp is great, especially the OC every 6:20.  Along with the good there is bad and two things haven’t gone the best: 1) The Special Blessing we had to serve and 2) the cockroach that was in my tent till 10:20pm.  Besides that the team is great and we get along very well.  Happy I came on the trip.  – Todd

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