Hello From The Navajo Team!

Hello from The Lord’s Boot Camp!
Time sure does fly, the 28th is our last day of classes. The team is excited for the next phase of our summer ministry. Wednesday, all of the team members made it over the Slough! Cheyenne was really happy about that and told everyone she could find! Classes are going great too. Dalton and Elijah had fun learning how to lay bricks during block-laying class. Last night we received the Piggy Award so we have to clean the leaders’ bathroom. The team has a great attitude about it and they do it joyfully. All of the team enjoys the pool a lot. During our free time, the team began to organize all of their belongings to figure out what they want to take to Arizona. The team is getting very excited for leaving Boot Camp and traveling to Arizona. 
The next few days will be very busy. Friday we are going to be helping take down Boot Camp. All of the teams will be taking down Big Top tents, take down the Obstacle Course, and a whole list of other things that need to happen before the teams leave. Saturday, we will be packing up our bags and putting them inside the trailer as well as taking down our tent site. Come Saturday night the whole team will be in AC! We are all excited for that!
What I have enjoyed about Boot Camp is making new friends on the team. Also I enjoy the food and pool.                                    -Joshua C.
What I have learned about Boot Camp is that it gives me an opportunity to spend time with the Lord and learn of His missions field.
                                                   -Arthur L. 
I’ve been enjoying making new friends at Boot Camp. And the pool is a lot of fun.
                                                   -Cheyenne H.


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