Hello From The Zambia!

With one more training day, we are gearing up to start packing out.  It’s funny how at first BC was so hard yet after being here for close to two weeks that we have gotten good at the schedule, the heat, the mosquitoes, the tents, and the challenges but it causes a little anxiety to know we are really leaving for real in just a few days.  However, we know that the Lord our God goes before us and is behind us and will never leave us or forsake us.  
Team members will have an opportunity to call home after Commissioning but before we go to the airport on July 2, but I do not know the schedule yet.  They will only have five minutes to speak with you so please be patient and expect the short call to be short.  
Please!  Please!  Please!  If you have NOT written your team member in Zambia, please write them and send it now.  Even a short message will make a BIG difference.  It’s always heart breaking as a leader to see 2 or 3 team members not get mail after being gone for so long.  Family is important and we want them to hear from you. 
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  for keeping us in your prayers.  We know that prayer is essential to all things in life.  Please continue to pray on our behalf for safety, team work, no division among our team members, fresh fruits, veggies, and eggs in Zambia, that the Lord would open a door for His message to be received by all those who hear it (in Zambia, in airports, in team members hearts), and for wisdom during out packout process.  


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