Hi From The Ecuador PT Team!

It’s nearing the end of Boot Camp and the kids are very excited. Today they ran the regular Obstacle Course for the last time. They run the World Map Obstacle Course tomorrow. All of them have gone over the Wall at least once.
It has been a few days since we won the Piggy Award. The kids have been much cleaner and received Gatorade as a reward. They have all surprised me with their creativity by winning Brainstorming more than half of the time.
They all have really enjoyed the morning classes where they learn about the Bible. They are currently learning about the kings of Israel and Judah. They all find it very fascinating and always want to talk about it afterwards. They also are great singers. They love singing “Dig a Hole” in music class and often sing as we walk between classes. They are really excited about finishing Boot Camp and traveling to Ecuador.
” I like Boot Camp, especially the OC and evening rallies. The food is better than I expected and the classes are easier than I thought they would be”- Josiah S.
“Boot Camp is kind of hard but it’s getting better. I have made lots of new friends” Cassandra W.

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