Hi From The Fiji Team!

Today is the last day of classes for Boot Camp! The team has bonded well and is finishing well! They are such a blessing to lead. Fiji continues to rock the Obstacle Course with winning almost every time when we didn’t DQ. Now, if we could only win the Pool (Godliness, Cleanliness or Brainstorming). Today, they got 24 over the Wall with two minutes to spare.

Tomorrow is “Take Down” day and our team has been assigned to take down the Boot Camp Office. Once they are finished with that, they will begin the packing process—the food, tools, equipment and their own personal bags. The final pack out will be on Saturday and we will pack our bus before the Commissioning Service.

After Commissioning, we will be taking a short trip to the Orlando International Airport. Most will spend the night sleeping, while others will talk the night away. They will be trying to make phone calls from Orlando, but if they don’t get through, they will call in Los Angeles. Please be aware that phones may not be available, so they will be using the one cell phone the leaders carry (it will be from the 321 area code), so the calls will be limited to five minutes in order to allow everyone to make their calls.

We are looking forward to “In And Out” burgers in LA (along with laying on the grass by the store and watching the airplanes fly by). Our flight for Fiji leaves late on Sunday night. We will email when we arrive at our project site.

Thank you for your prayers! We feel them!!!!

Grace – Boot Camp has been great. Everyone on my team is so nice and we work so well together! Everyone is really positive and uplifting and I’m having a great time!

Kalia – TMI Boot Camp is going great so far and I can’t wait to fly off to Fiji and serve the Lord. Working up to the trip has been difficult, but it is a learning process. Learning to be a team and raising the weakest to their full potential. I believe our team is ready to work together and build the 20’X30′ dormitory in Fiji.

Koleen – I have a great team and I have learned a lot more about myself. Bathing and doing laundry out of a bucket has been interesting. Memorizing is not fun.

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