News From The Mexico Team!

Only one more day of training!  We really have a great team…they are top drawer!!  They are eager to learn and have adapted to the hard nature of Boot Camp with happy hearts.  My heart is so full as I write this because I feel so blessed to be able to spend my summer with them.  We have come together quickly and already share a deep bond as a team.  We laugh A LOT!    

Every night I sit in Rally wondering if this will be our team’s night to finally win something.  We have placed second or third a few times, but never first.  Although we have yet to place first, we have not placed last either.  We are not the cleanest team but we aren’t the dirtiest either, which means that we do not have to clean the bathrooms!!  I will consider this fact a WIN!!!  

I want to mention to you that you can email your kiddos at Boot Camp.  We check emails everyday, and know that they love receiving them and that they want to hear from you!!  To write them, the address is their team number followed by the first letter of their first name and then their full last name  So if your child’s name was John Smith it would look like this: [email protected]

Hey y’all! Boot Camp has been really fun! We are growing together a lot. For me personally, I have really clung tight to God since getting here. We are missing our families a lot but our team is growing super tight! Please keep praying for us.
– Connor W.
Boot Camp has been quite the experience so far! Over the last few days, we have grown as a team through the Obstacle Course, eating and working together. The preaching has been great and has helped me grow spiritually. I am looking forward to a great summer of work, evangelism, and having some fun. Sometimes we miss showers and smell awful, but we don’t let that get in the way of a good time here at the Lord’s Boot Camp. –Michael K.
To begin, the first day was the only awkward day. After the first day, our team bonded instantly. I have had so much fun being able to spend all of my time with these amazing people. The Obstacle Course is fun and it’s easy with my team encouraging me and everyone else along the way. I think all the food is amazing! I am so impressed. It is also very disciplined though here. Very tight time restrictions all day. But we get through it and everyone is so lighthearted and we laughed through the “pain”. But being able to grow closer to God with such an amazing group has already been such a blessing in the last few days. I look forward to our summer on the field and for the lasting friendships I have already made. –Emily D.
The day I first got here, it was all overwhelming and it made me unsure. But then I got to meet my leaders and my team and those feelings quickly disappeared. I love my team and the people on it and found that I trust them with pretty much anything. Everything they put us through here at Teen Missions – the classes, the Obstacle Course, even free time – forces us to become closer and I don’t think I have ever trusted anyone as fast as I have my team and leaders.  As for the sermons, and worship, they are amazing. I feel like I can just let go and praise God without worrying about what others around me think. The speakers aren’t scared to talk about the hard stuff either. It’s changed how I even see the world. I see it in a more positive outlook and ministering to people doesn’t seem as terrifying and impossible anymore. –Elizabeth G.

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