Taiwan Is Ready To Go!

THREE Days to go!  Your kids are doing an amazing job with their training and we are just about finished.  You can tell they are tired, Kenai has mastered the art of the power nap in our eating site each night after dinner.  As they power through each day, Logan, Caleb, Aric, Simon and Jeremy keep us laughing.  Nate is practicing his Ukulele and helping us make up team cheers.  Keenan has been a huge help each day at the Wall—lifting teammates with Mikeala.  Morgan and Mileah are always helping out teammates with their experience from previous years, which is extremely appreciated.  Nicole, Hope, Anya and Sierra are excited that we get to extend our Drama classes for two extra days.  As our time at Boot Camp comes to a close, everyone is getting excited for our travel adventure to Taiwan.  We will leave right after the Commissioning Service and head to the Orlando Airport.  We will fly early Sunday morning to San Fransisco and then on to Taipei.  Please pray for safe travel and that we will continue to bond as a team.
Logan F.  AAYYYY!!!! It’s you boy from Florida, hi parents!
Jeremy Y.  I can’t believe we only have four days left.  Boot Camp has been so fun and has gone by so fast.  We’ve been learning drama, puppets, evangelism, and so much more.  I’m excited to get to Taiwan.
Nate C.  Hey fam,  I love you guys so much.  This team is doing amazing.  We have so much fun doing almost anything.  There are way less mosquitos this year.  By the way, I got poison ivy on my left arm and neck.  Love you.
Sierra E.  This has been a blast.  We’ve learned so much here and I can’t wait to go on the field.
Keenan B.  Boot Camp has been great.  It’s been great getting to know my team.  They have made this an enjoyable experience.

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