The Last Boot Camp Report From Puerto Rico!

Boot Camp is winding down. We are officially on our last day of classes! We ran the Obstacle Course for the last time this morning. We broke our record for the amount of people we got over the Wall. Before today, ten was the most people we had gotten over and today we got 12.  Just a little over half of the team! They were definitely excited about that.

Yesterday we participated in Run from the Devil against the Ecuador team.  Run from the Devil is a blow up bungee cord competition.  A person is attached to a bungee cord and has a tennis ball with velcro on it.  They then run as far as they can and stick the ball onto the middle wall that has velcro on it.  We may have some smaller people on our team but we ended up beating Ecuador last night! The kids were really excited about winning even though there wasn’t a prize involved.  
Everyone is ready for Boot Camp to be over and to start heading to Puerto Rico. I can’t believe how few days it is until we will be there.  Please keep us in our prayers as we finish up Boot Camp and start packing up.  The team has been doing well but there is still room for improvement these last couple days to be ready for travel.  
Boot Camp has been actually really fun. These two weeks have probably been the best two weeks of my life.  It is really eye opening how many people in the world have nothing. We are being trained in camp to experience because where all of us are going there will be 0 luxuries. Besides that and SB’s its been awesome.
-Caeleb M.
Boot Camp has been great this year. I got to meet neat people like the marvelous blister boy and barazan. But in all seriousness I have made new friends here that I will cherish for a lifetime. Whether it’s serving an SB as a team or swimming, we have fun as a team. Boot Camp is an experience I will never forget. -Lane Z.
Being here for my third year is awesome!! Every year the teams get better and better, as well as Boot Camp. I just can’t wait to see what God has in store for this summer. I just can’t wait for the summer and the time we have together. 
-Sabrina C. 
The first day here I was questioning why I ever had the idea to come here. But it steadily got better. I can feel my relationship with Christ growing as we spend time in prayer and have daily devotionals and nightly rallies. I love my team and can’t wait to start serving people in Puerto Rico. -Justin M.
Boot Camp is hard but it’s supposed to be. it is to train us to be better teammates, Christians, friends and more. If you focus on your spiritual and emotional goals instead of the physical you learn to be all those things through Christ Jesus!
-Selah E.

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