Another Report From The Forest Angels Team!

Forest Angels are finishing their last day of Boot Camp training. This morning, instead of the regular Obstacle Course, we did the World Map, a giant jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are plywood cut in the shape of the countries of the world. They need to be placed on the concrete map in the proper place (countries are outlined on the concrete so it’s not a total guess). Some of the larger countries have four or five pieces that make up the entire country. The team enjoyed it and did well. These last few days our classes have included music and puppets—very useful as we plan on doing presentations in many places. 
We managed to win the “pig” award one day and a couple of days later the “clean” award—that was the day they checked the leader’s tents!! The kids enjoyed swimming and will get to enjoy the pool again as we won Brainstorming. 
We are getting ready to “take Boot Camp apart” in preparation for Commissioning on Saturday. More on those details in the next update.
Our kids miss their families and would love to get some letters (hint, hint).
And now a word from our team members—
I like the rally, food, leaders, tent mates and friends. Billee K.
The food’s goat I would encourage others to join and remember your verses. Dartagnon F.
I love the food. I want my mom and dad to write me. Nicky C.
Boot Camp is so much fun! My leaders are so kind and loving. It’s a great time to grow your faith in Jesus. I’m so thankful for Teen Missions. I’m loving it. Elly T
I feel homesick because I’m going to miss my little sister’s birthday and I have never been gone for a long time like this. Jonathan B.
So far the food is pretty good. I have made many lifetime friends. The leaders are really nice and they care for us a lot. I also miss my mom, my brother and all the people that have supported me. Rachel K.

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