Ecuador Preteen heading to Ecuador

We made it to the airport safe and sound and now we are waiting for the plane so we can board. We can’t wait to get to Ecuador. Commissioning was great. We traveled to the airport with the Ethiopia team and they helped us move our bags. When we got to the airport we celebrated the end of Boot Camp by eating all the snacks our friends and family donated. We met Richard and Gina Barber, who we will be traveling and working with, and they helped us check baggage and get through security. Soon we will be on our way to our great summer in Ecuador

We are getting closer together as a team and I’m excited about going to ecuador- Tess w

It has been hard to be away from family, but Ecuador is going to be very fun and at the end of the summer we can all be proud we made it through even though our families weren’t around -Lulah J

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