Navajo team leaves in the morning

Well, it’s the day after Commissioning and busy as ever! We have been busy packing our bags and getting them all on the trailer. It’s hard work taking down the tent site, but praise God we finished taking down our tents Saturday morning. After we took down our tents, the girls moved into a dormitory, while the boys have been in an air-conditioned cabin. Our original plan was to leave early Sunday morning. However, on Saturday we found out that the Camp which we will be staying at is at full capacity until Friday. So now we will be waking up bright and early Monday morning and traveling to Louisiana. We will be in Louisiana Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday we will leave and be on our way to our next stop in Texas. After a night in Texas, we will be pulling into Flagstaff, Arizona Friday Evening. The whole team is very excited for our trip out west. We would like to thank all of the parents for their prayers and support for bringing us a lot of travel food. It really does make a difference!

While in Arizona we have a lot of great opportunities to spread the Gospel. We are hoping to help run a VBS at some reservation churches. Also while at the camp we will help build a retention wall.
Today we went around picking up around boot camp. There was plenty of trash and cleaning of different buildings that needed to be done. While cleaning the bathrooms two of the boys made a game of it pretending to be agents while spraying and wiping everything clean. There were several mosquitos that met their demise at the end of the boys cleaning spray bottles. It was good to see them working with such willing hearts. 
Please keep us in your prayers as we have a very long drive ahead of us.

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