Team Zambia has successfully completed Boot Camp!

Team Zambia has successfully completed Boot Camp!  We are thankful to the Lord for giving us the strength to finish strong.  We even made it through all of BC without having to clean the bathrooms because we were clean enough to stay high in our numbers (the Piggy “Award”).
We moved into the dorms last night.  It was so very sweet to sleep in a cool room with a real mattress!  Everybody will get a shower before we go Monday and all had the opportunity to shower last night in the dorm room.  Because we wore our travel clothes last night for commissioning, we will wash them before we leave on Monday. 
Thank you to Meryl, Ryan, and Mariela’s parents for blessing the team with goodies and pizza last night for our Commissioning party.  It was all tasty and a good time was had by all.  Thank you to the other parents who had Commissioning packages delivered.  We will take all the goodies with us and whatever is left over when we get there will be used with our meals.  
Today our team assignment is to help take down Big Top 1.  We are working with the Ecuador and Zimbabwe team so there are lots of team members to help.  It all starts with picking up the plywood that makes up the entire floor.  A few teams were up late last night taking down all the electronics. The process is well developed and quite impressive.
This afternoon we will start our packout process by packing the food we will take into our duffel bags.  Each team member will have a backpack and a light weight bag that’s a little like a reusable shopping bag to help free up some room in their duffel.  Clean socks and a change of clothes are encouraged in the carry on also.  We want to be able to take off our boots on the airplane and not gross anybody out.  Maybe we should have brought some Lysol spray.  
Because we are flying on Ethiopian Airlines, they put us up in a hotel overnight between our connecting flights in DC.  Unfortunately it’ll be a quick turn around so we won’t be enjoying the swimming pool, but the clean bed and another hot shower will make up for no pool. Last time I flew on Ethiopian Airlines the food was really good so I know we will be well fed.  Most of the team is looking forward to sleeping.  
We will continue to send in reports that should be posted on Monday and Thursday if all goes well.  There are always a few factors like internet connection that will determine how long the reports are but I will do my best to send you lengthy updates from Zambia.  
We value your prayers.  Please continue to pray for team work, health, travel safety, that all our bags arrive safely and with all our stuff still inside, that we will be able to get fresh fruits, veggies, eggs, and propane (Philippians 4:19).  Please pray that our team members and leaders will continue to connect with the Lord like never before.  We’re praying for those “nuggets” of spiritual insight.  The Lord said if we draw close to Him, He would draw close to us.  That’s a spiritual promise we want to see happen this summer. 
If you haven’t written your team member in Zambia, please write very soon so they can get some mail on the tail end of our time in country.  They all value their families and want to hear from you.  
Beth, Head Lady Leader

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