Our next report will be from ECUADOR!!

This is our final report from Boot Camp! We helped take down some of Boot Camp on Friday, and on Saturday we started packing for our trip to Ecuador. Kristen and Trevor were a HUGE help in getting our food, tents, and other equipment packed, and the rest of our team took down our Boot Camp tents on Saturday. Sam and Dexter were absolutely amazing at getting our tents packed up – it’s the BEST, as a leader, to know that you can give instructions one time and they’ll get their jobs done. Getting everything packed up is quite a production! It definitely takes all hands on deck, and your amazing kids did a great job of working hard with happy hearts. 
Saturday night was our Commissioning Rally at Boot Camp, where we have a candlelight service. Lighting our candles is our way of saying that we accept the responsibility and privilege of taking the Gospel to Ecuador, and we were thrilled to light every candle. After the Rally, because we didn’t fly out immediately, we got to have a little party under the Big Top. Several families were here to join us – so fun! They brought us all kinds of treats and things to celebrate with – thank you so much!! We enjoyed cold Cokes (Johnny REALLY enjoyed the cold drinks!) and bunches of snacks (Isaiah loooooved his snacks!). Luke got Chick-fil-A thanks to some family friends, and he said, “Anything can happen now and I’d still be happy!” Many thanks to Santiago’s family for bringing snacks for our whole team! We were sooooo grateful!
On Sunday, we got to help take down the Big Top. It’s a HUGE project and takes many hands, and your sweet kids worked so hard! Isaac is quite the motivator when we’re working, and he loves to work hard. We also took down two smaller tents on the property here in Merritt Island – we were so proud of the good attitudes on our team. After helping with all that hard work, we had a “team meeting” in the swimming pool, and we sure enjoyed playing in the (CLEAN!) water! Caden is our cannon ball king at the pool. Gabriella sat on the side of the pool for a while playing Dominique’s ukulele, and Dominique told her she’s the team mermaid now. 🙂 
On Sunday evening, several teams who hadn’t left yet got together by the lake and had a worship service, just singing and praising the Lord for what he has done in and through our time at Boot Camp. It was so sweet! Joe and Chloe love to sing, especially in a big group of their friends! Today (Monday), we did our final weighing of duffle bags, and pared down a few so they make the weight limit. Lilia and Sophia were a little worried about being over the limit, but they made it with half an ounce each to spare. 🙂 Caleb’s bag weighed in the lightest, at only 20 pounds! We also finished laundry and marked all of our bags – we’re so ready! 
Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will get up and eat breakfast, load our bus, and hit the road to the Orlando airport. There’s already some VERY excited talk of Starbucks and Chick-fil-A, so I’m sure we’ll be enjoying that while we wait. Around 3:30 P.M., we’ll be taking off and heading to Ecuador. We can’t WAIT to get there and get our project started. We plan to go to the Equator shortly after arrival (in the next day or two), so we will try to send pictures after that! Thank you for your letters, thank you for your snacks (You know who you are!), and thank you especially for your prayers! We need every prayer and we are so grateful to have you all supporting us!!

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