Mexico Receives Warm Welcome!

We have arrived happy, healthy and tired even though our actual travel time was very short compared to other teams. Sleeping in an airport overnight is always a difficult task even with the perks of AC!!!!!

Our flights were both on time and we made it through customs in Mexico with all of our bags and most of our stuff. One loan can of hamburger disappeared, but the other 60 cans of meat made it through no problem…go figure!!!! 
Welcoming us as we left customs were Henry and Mary, our host missionaries for the summer. My first impressions of both are wonderful. Henry is very familiar with Teen Missions and had taken care of so many logistical details without us having to ask. He took us to the bank and provide lunch within an hour!! They were a huge blessing with traveling.
Henry can’t stop smiling and telling us how happy he is to have a team here. The last team was in 1984 so it has been a while. Mike and I were wee toddlers then and the rest of the team was not even born yet! They both plan on spending each day with us: Henry not he work site and Mary in the kitchen.
The board of Camp Porvenir provided supper too. We dined on Yucatan Tacos, garnished with limed onions, tomatoes, apace, and local hot sauce. The meal was further enhanced by cold sodas which they provided. It was SO GOOD! A few of us had burning lips and tongues with the hot sauce. As you can tell we are warmly welcomed with kindness and hospitality.
If I could describe our home for the summer, it would be paradise. We are literally living at the beach. The ocean will greet us every morning and tuck us into bed at night. Under foot, our boots will traverse the sand every where we go on property. Come the end of the summer, we will each have calf muscles the size of a baseball! 
We are settling in today; organizing the kitchen washing nasty Boot Camp clothes and purchasing supplies for the project and kitchen. For now, we have to call in the reports until we are able to find internet. We will try to send pictures when we can.
Continue to pray for us! 

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