The Madagascar Eyeglass team is on it’s way.

Hello from Washington DC-

The Madagascar Eyeglass team is on it’s way.  We experienced an amazing Commissioning Service on Saturday evening.  Our final rally together at Boot Camp was a great celebration of what the team members have accomplished in their 10 days of training, we worshipped the Lord together with the other team members, then we each had the opportunity to light our candles and indicate that we were willing to take the Gospel around the world.  Every team member lit their candle and walked joyfully out of the Big Top tent.  Even though our Commissioning service was on Saturday, we knew we had to wait until Tuesday to depart.  

On Saturday evening the team was surprised by a generous gift from an anonymous donor who offered to take the entire team to Disney World on Monday.  The team was ecstatic!  We hustled to get all of our work done on Sunday so we could go.  On Monday morning, bright and early, two vans picked up our team and took us to the Magic Kingdom.  We were able to arrive as the park opened.  The team quickly rode Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain to name a few.  It was so exciting to watch many of the team members experience Disney World for the first time. It was like their “inner 5 year old” was coming out.  Their sheer joy and wonder made my day. The team recognized that we might have a witnessing opportunity while we explored the park, since we were wearing our Teen Mission’s team shirts.  Lydia had a neat opportunity when someone stopped her to ask about her shirt and what her team would be doing.  In the course of the conversation she was led to pray with the person.  After she was done the person walked her over to another family and introduced her and asked her to pray with them.  She was blessed by the opportunity to pray with both of these families.  Words can not express how delighted the entire team was throughout the day.  We were able to close out the evening watching the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle as we headed home to Teen Missions.  It was a day that we’ll never forget!

This morning the team rose early (5am) to finish packing and loading the bus to travel to Orlando.  Everyone is excited about the opportunities that the Lord has for us as we travel to Madagascar.  We continue to appreciate your prayers as we travel and begin our ministry in Madagascar.

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