BULA from The Sabeto Youth Camp in Fiji

BULA from The Sabeto Youth Camp in Fiji. The team was commissioned on Saturday night and immediately loaded the bus for our trip to the Orlando International Airport.  Less than five minutes after leaving Boot Camp, our bus quit running. The head mechanic at Teen Missions was our driver. The team immediately prayed and then sang praise song and within 15 minutes, the bus began running again.

After arriving at the airport, we unloaded the bus and once everything was organized, we starting eating. Parents provided drinks, pizzas and subs. Once we all had our fill, we moved into the cold airport, organized our luggage and began our long wait.

After checking in the next morning, we went through security and got settled at our gate where we had our personal devotions. Our trip to LA went without a hitch. We had to claim our bags and hang onto them until we were able to check them to Fiji.

Some of the team enjoyed their short trek too In-N-Out Burger. We left on our flight to Fiji just before midnight and began our “never ending” flight to Madi where we arrived just before 6 AM.

We were met at the airport by our missionary and transported a short distance to our project site. The weather was refreshingly cool and the people were refreshingly kind.

Our accommodations would put the Ritz Carlton to shame! We are in dorms with beds and showers and fans! The views are breathtaking – we are surrounded by mountains and sugar cane fields. The camp has large grassy areas. And the sunsets…

We spent the day getting settled in, doing laundry and getting the kitchen set up. The ladies have two refrigerators and a large chest freezer. The missionaries fixed brunch and a traditional Fijian meal for dinner. We also took a trip to the river to have some fun. After dinner, the team prayed and then went to their rooms where they crashed.

We spent today waiting on supplies and should be able to begin work this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Thank you so much for your prayers. As a leadership, we are so thankful for this team. They are such a joy and never cease to make us laugh.

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