We have arrived in Malawi!

After a short flight to Washington DC we enjoyed heavenly beds and showers in the hotel on Monday night. On Tuesday we lugged all those 54 duffel bags back to the airport and embarked on the long flight to Addis Ababa. The flight was delayed, but we made our connection without a problem, especially as our leaders know the way around the airport very well and managed to avoid us having to go through security again.
After another 4 hour flight we arrived in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. The airport is quite small and it took a while to get the visas for everyone.
Seth and Emily (the country coordinators) and some of the TMI staff from the Chipoka base were awaiting us with a bus, a truck for the luggage, and refreshing water. All our luggage made it!
Along the 2 hour bus ride to the TMI base in Chipoka, we saw typical village life: People selling various items along the road (incl. roasted mice), women carrying water on their heads, men transporting huge loads on bicycles, kids playing soccer with homemade balls, etc.
When we arrived at the base we were not only greeted by staff and BMW students from the Bible school at the base, but also by monkeys on the roof!
We moved into dorms, enjoyed a lovely hot meal, and planned to go into town for the open air market tomorrow, before we leave for our well drilling site in the bush on Friday.
Thank you for your traveling prayers, they are greatly appreciated! Please continue to pray for our team as we’re settling into our Malawi life.
The team is in great spirits and very excited to be in Africa!


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