Zimbabwe team in Istanbul

We are having difficulty sending emails so here is the one from Miami and Istanbul.

Greetings from the Miami International Airport. After Commissioning on June 30, the team helped take down Boot Camp, including the Big Top. We also all enjoyed sleeping in air conditioning! Laundry was done, bags packed, and, finally, this morning at 9:30, we left Boot Camp. After a 4-ish hour drive, we arrived at the airport,  unloaded, inventoried, and stacked our luggage. About 5pm we got all checked in, and now our travel groups are out seeking coffee and goodies. Our flight starts boarding at 8:10, and we’re all excited.
Now we’re at a Novotel in Istanbul, resting a bit and showering. The flight here was nice and uneventful. The girls and leaders are thankful for a comfortable place to shower and rest. It’s a beautiful day here and I think we are seeing the Bosphorus outside the front of the hotel. I am pretty sure we’re on the Asia Minor/Turkey side. Most, if not all of us would love to have the time to explore this ancient world crossroads. We head back to the airport at 10 pm local time.
Thank you for your prayers as we continue on.


  1. Prayers upon prayers for you all God is working in powerful ways through all of you! Safe travels and good health to you all as you carry Gods message!

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