Forest Angels have had a busy week

Forest Angels have had a busy week thus far. Commissioning Day went well as we managed to get our tent site down before lunch when it was supposed to rain. Fortunately the rain held off until just before dinner and after, the team got to swim. The candlelight commissioning service was impressive. Ali got to carry the Tanzania flag in the flag run and Mr. Bob sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic. After commissioning we had a short party and then helped move chairs out of the Big Top. The next morning the team loaded the folding chairs in the semi trailer while the teenagers were taking down two Big Top tents. We were thankful that some teens came to help us as most of the team are not tall enough to lift the chairs up that high!

Monday saw us getting settled into our living quarters—air-conditioned A-frame cabins by the lake. We are thankful to be out of the Florida weather at night. Miss Paula and Miss Cierra spent the day getting our kitchen set up and shopping so we could start eating together as a team.

Tuesday we continued to get settled in and practiced music and the dramas we learned. Library reading and a Bible study also filled our time.

Wednesday was a busy day. We started work on one of our projects—putting together some picnic tables. It has to be done just so, so they will be level. We are still working on the level part! We got to swim in the pool in the afternoon. A special meal of hamburgers cooked on the grill, fresh corn and watermelon was shared with the summer staff. That night we went to a local park in hopes of seeing some fireworks. While we could see some off in the distance, it started to rain before it got really dark. So it was back to Teen Missions and to bed.

Thursday morning we practiced puppets and music—we will be doing a presentation this Sunday at a church, and we did a Bible study on anger. As this is being written, the team is off riding the mini bikes on Teen Missions property. They looked pretty sharp riding past the kitchen. I’m sure I’ll hear lots about their ride at dinner tonight. We will have a guest tonight, Ismael, from Madagascar. After we eat, he will share about his country and some of the needs there.

We asked the kids to write something to post. As they weren’t sure what to write, we asked them to answer one of two questions: What do you like? Or What would you like your parents to see? See if you can figure out which question they answered!

Balloons.    Ruth Anne

All the friends I’ve made.❤  Billee

Motorbikes.    Kaylyn

I have really enjoyed devotions and Bible memory. I have made a lot of new friends. I’m very thankful for that!  Elly

I saw two lizards fighting and a spider eat its food.   Dartagnon

I want them  to see me with my friends, eating lunch and go to the cabin. Also get letters. And me having fun on the motorbikes. And my sister has fun in Indiana.   Nicky

Bugs— yuck! All of them. I’m sore all over but a least I’m serving the Lord! Yay!  Ali

More to come in our next update.

P.S. Parents— your kids need to hear from you. Emails are no longer available (like at Boot Camp). Please write. The address is:
Your child’s name
18071 Forest Angels
871 E Hall Rd
Merritt Island, FL 32953

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