Greetings from Madagascar MSSM!!!

Greetings from Madagascar MSSM!!!

Today is our first full day here! Tim (our leader) went into town today to buy batteries, fuel and oil for the bikes. He is still trying to figure out the insurance for the bikes, so prayers that it can be figured out speedily so we can start the circuit (hopefully) on Saturday!!!

The staff and students here have been so welcoming! The students hang out with the team member during their free time and practice their English on the team members, it’s fun to watch! Yesterday Audrey, Caleb and Jonathan set up a hammock and helped one of the students swing in it.

Today we are celebrating Judah’s birthday! He was able to get a coconut from a tree yesterday and freeze it as a snack for today. We will have a birthday cake for him at dinner!

The team members are still a little tired from the 4 days of travel, but they are hanging in their. We are expecting to be fully adjusted in the next day or so! Continued prayers for health and safety as well as prayers for all the logistics in getting the bikes ready to be used! Thank you for being a part of our wonderful support system!

         The Madagascar MSSM team

“Madagascar so far is really amazing! After almost four days of travel, fun times in D.C. and a super long airplane ride, we’re here! Yesterday was a great first day with setting up rooms, playing games, and starting our daily habits. I’m looking forward to starting to go out to villages!”    – Elli A.

“Madagascar is much cooler than Florida, I will say that! We’ve already made friends with the kids here at the base. The nights here are clear and the stars are so bright. I really look forward to all the things we are going to do here! Love is moving.”      – Michael C.

“Just arrived to Madagascar yesterday. I love it here so far! Boot Camp was also super fun. I’m learning tons about God, and I love my team!”
– Shobi M.

“I’m having a such a great time in Madagascar so far. We had an awesome 12 hour bus ride from the airport to the base. We got coconuts down from a tree and the tasted so good. I’m looking forward to going tot he villages to share about Jesus!” – Joshua T.

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  1. Happy to hear that you all made it to Madagascar safely!! Praying for safety during the rest of your trip! Lydia, I miss you and love you! Team, you are all doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, I am praying for you all to have lots of energy and that you can share the gospel with all that you come into contact with. Shine His light and work hard!!

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