Greetings from Taiwan!

Greetings from Taiwan!

Let me start by saying what an amazing team we have.  They have pushed through the jet lag, and are now working hard preparing for a week long VBS style camp next week.  Each morning the church has arranged for them to go out into the community.  They have visited a traditional street market and learned some Chinese phrases to interact with the people, and they also went into the community to talk to people and share through the wordless books and bracelets that we brought with us.  Each day they come back with stories about the people they met.  Everyone wants to talk with them and find out who they are and why they are in Taiwan.  They have learned to say Jesus loves you in Chinese along with other simple phrases and they are loving the chance to get out and meet people.  Each afternoon has been filled with training for the Camp next week.  The group is divided into Worship and Drama.  Worship team is Caleb, Nate, Morgan, and Hope.  Drama team is Kenai, Simon, Mileah, Nicole, Mikaela, Anya, Aric, Logan, Jeremy, Sierra, and Keenan.  Anya completely made up a drama yesterday on the spot and her teammates were excited to perform it!  

At the Market on Wednesday, Tim had fun buying food…he bought a whole fish and named it Susan….tomorrow Nate is going to teach him how to cook it!  Most of the kids tried new foods and had fun looking around.  Thursday’s adventure took them on a nature hike through a community that has a rich history from World War 2.  They also saw a Buddhist Temple and many other interesting sites.

Tomorrow we will be starting some work type projects around the church where we are staying.  They have been amazing hosts and we are feeling a bit spoiled with our daily showers and air-conditioned rooms.

Each day since we arrived we have experienced pretty severe rain storms.  It is crazy how hard and fast the rain will come down.  Then it will stop.  You never really know when it will be, but it has happened at least once a day since we arrived and some days multiple times.  This is their rainy season.  It is hot and humid.  Much like Boot Camp was in Florida.

Thank you to all the parents for the wonderful treats after commissioning.  We are still eating on much of it.  It has been a nice treat in the evening.

We are looking forward to Saturday.  We will be practicing our TMI dramas to perform for the church youth group on Sunday.  We will also have some much needed down time to spend catching up on memory verse work and maybe taking a walk into town.  The 7-11 is a fun place to grab a coffee or treat, and there is a McDonald’s right across the street that some of the kids want to try…just to see if it is the same.

Thank you again for your prayers and support for our team. It is greatly appreciated.

Simon E:  I’m having a great time here in Taiwan with all of the new experiences and new friends!  I look forward to bonding with my team, and spreading God’s Word here.

Mileah R:  Taiwan is beautiful.  Our hostesses are encouraging and energetic.  I can’t wait to start VBS.  I’ve enjoyed going to the market and interacting with the Taiwanese culture.

Kenai A:  Spent my first two days in sick tent with a fever.  I am doing better now and got to go walking around today on a nature hike with the team.  Love you mom and dad

Nicole L:  Taiwan has been such a fun experience so far.  I can’t wait to get more in the swing of things and see more of the local market.  It’s been a lot of fun seeing how similar, yet different Taiwan is to Japan.

Hope L:  Taiwan is amazing.  Our travel days were amazing.  We had so many blessings throughout those days.  I am so grateful for everything that God has blessed us with.  We went to the market the other day and I enjoyed the culture and learning new things.

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