Hello from the West Bank!

Hello from the West Bank! Today is our third full day here and we are greatly enjoying our time so far. Hope School is a great place and we love the beds, showers, and flushing toilets. The school overlooks the valley where David killed Goliath, which is very cool. Bethlehem is near here also, but we haven’t gotten a chance to visit yet. 

The weather has been very nice so far. It gets pretty warm during the day, but it’s dry, and it cools off nicely at night. The currency here is shekels and the predominant language in this part of Israel is Arabic, although many people speak English too. 
We have already begun to build the laundry room extension for the school, which will be our main work project while we are here. The kitchen has greatly enjoyed the help of JohnMichael and Becca, Ethan and Zoe, and Judah and Dot on KP (Kitchen Patrol). There’s a store across the street where we get warm, fresh pita bread every day. A few of us have gotten colds, but for the most part the team is fairly healthy. On Sunday we will be going to Jerusalem for church and tourism, which we are all looking forward to. 
Please pray for…
– good health 
– success in the work project 
– team unity
– wisdom for the leaders
– ease and safety crossing borders


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