Indiana tours Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

Today is our first official day at TTT. We spent the last two days touring the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. The team had a blast being able to see all of the different exhibits. With all of the long hours in the car they were tired, however hey did a great job at pushing through till the end. Soon we will begin training to share at the County Fairs. The team is scheduled to visit 3 fairs every night for the next week. Our first team presentation will be this Saturday night at an evening rally and the team has been practicing hard.
Weather has been very hot, yesterday was a heat index of 110. Looks like more hot weather to come.
On the night after we visited the Ark we were able to stay at a local church. The team was able to finally spend time together playing games and enjoying some delicious Honduran coffee. The people were so generous and we had a great night of rest.

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