Navajo team sends greetings from Louisiana

Greetings from Louisiana. We have made it safely to our first stop on the road. Due to a change of schedule we stayed two extra days in Louisiana before continuing on to Arizona. We have been catching up on a bit of rest. We were also able to find a small project during our delay. The kids worked hard to trim some bushes for a single mother. We also did some other yard work around the place. We hope it was a blessing to her and her family.

Some of the fun things is seeing the team experience new things. We are out in the country next to a field of cows. One seeing the cows come out of the barn one of the girls said wow look at all the Buffalo! 
The weather has been very rainy sense we left Boot Camp. It rained half of the trip to Louisiana. It has also rained every afternoon. We are very thankful for having a dry and comfortable house to stay in. 
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Don S. Have been very kind to open their house to us and taken good care of us while we are here. We had a fourth of July meal and Mrs. Nancy made us hamburgers and hot dogs with fresh corn. The team had a hay day and where stuffed by the end of the meal. Afterwards they found room for some homemade peach cobbler. Besides the food we have also caught up on laundry and showers.
We have been working on our memory verses while traveling and most of the team is ahead on their verses. We have been making up songs, raps and motions to help some of them remember them better. When rapping Mr. Samuel helped out one by beat boxing. The kids all loved that. It’s good to see them having fun while memorizing God’s Word.
We plan to leave early on Thursday morning and head for Texas. Please keep us in your prayers as we start on the next leg of our trip and that we will arrive safely.
Ben N—This year Boot Camp was not as hard as last year. We got to Louisiana safely and have adjusted to the delays in our arrival to AZ as well. Mrs. Nancy has been very nice and the food is really good. While we were waiting we did a work project for the neighbor (a single mom with kids). We cut back some large overgrown hedges and carried it behind the house into a large pile. I am glad that I am remembering my old verses and am learning new ones. The different verses have taught me many new things about God. I can’t wait for my turn to do evening devotions.
Mayan E.—Boot Camp was hard but sometimes we were the cleanest team and so we got to go in the pool at free time and that made it more fun. The food at Boot camp was good. One thing I learned in Boot Camp classes is that God is strict about sin. In our classes about Judges we learned that most of them sinned alot and didn’t follow God.  Traveling here was really long, but we made it more fun by playing games in the van.
Dalton R.—Boot Camp was Awesome! I have learned not to take conveniences for granted. I have learned that if something needs to be done even if I am tired I still need to do it.

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