Puerto Rico getting settled

We have made it safely to our site in Maricao, Puerto Rico. We made all of our flights on time and we made it here safely. In the airport we performed our choir songs and through that we were able to have great conversations with the other travelers waiting there. 
The weather here has been warm and dry, but not overly hot. Yesterday after getting here the team had the opportunity to try native food at a local BBQ joint. Today we are going to swim at a local waterfall as a treat for the team then tomorrow we will start our work laying tile, building showers, and possibly fixing roofs. 
The team has been growing together and growing as individuals spiritually. They are becoming more and more excited to spread the love of God. Today the entire team wrote letters home that will be sent out as soon as possible. 
Prayer request: One of our leaders, Kattie, had very bad bronchitis and was not able to travel with the team. Please pray that she will get better soon so she can be with us. We have a TMI staff lady, Loretta, who is helping to lead the team.
I like the trip. I feel like God is calling me to Puerto Rico. God has taught me to work hard without complaining. He has also taught me to be thankful for what I have and not to complain.
Janey H.
I have learned a lot about teamwork. God has taught me to start breaking down my walls and trust my teammates and leadership. I have also started to learn to be willing to try new things.
Chloe N.

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