Zambia at TMI base

Team Zambia has safely arrived at the Teen Missions Zambia base. We are enjoying dorm rooms with mattresses before we head to the bush and sleep in tents again. We will spend one day here and make preparations for heading out to the bush. With extra time available, the team is practicing their team presentation with songs and also working on memory verses.

The weather is amazing! At least for those of us that enjoy cool weather and no humidity. The weather is in the low 60s in the morning and evening, but quite warm in the sunshine. 
We are excited to be heading out Friday morning and are hoping to be able to drill at least two wells. 
Mr. Justin our head guy leader is from Zambia and has joined the team. He is doing a great job with leadership and teaching the team some Zambian culture and songs. The team also had fun doing Bible quizzing with him last night.
We always value your prayers and appreciate everybody who implores the heavens on our behalf. Please continue to pray for team health as we have a few that have colds. Also pray for safety while we travel out to the bush and for preparations for starting the well drilling operations. 


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