Zimbabwe team in South Africa

The Zimbabwe Foot Washing Team, 18019, arrived safely in Johannesburg, South Africa, at about 10:30 am local time. We had no difficulty at passport control, and when we went to retrieve our duffels, it seemed, at first, that all was well. Then, when we were told there were no more bags coming off our flight, we were 23 bags short! Sam, however, said, “let me go check the oversize bags area” – a stroke of genius, because that’s where all the missing bags were. Once they were loaded up on bag carts, we headed out and were met by Jason. We stopped long enough for David to exchange some funds to pay for our transportation, then headed out to load the trailer Jason brought. Once all bags were loaded, we got into the van, and headed to the Teen Missions in South Africa base where Miss Gay and Sharon of the 2018 South Africa team had a lunch waiting. Delicious chicken rice soup with veggies, crackers and fresh apple sections. Oh, and our choice of beverage. It was delicious and greatly appreciated. This afternoon, the girls changed clothes, washed their travel shirts and hung them to dry, and are setting up their sleeping quarters. Weather is sunny and quite cool, and we have been told that the overnight temperatures could be down in the low to mid-30s, but it’ll warm up into the 60s as the sun gets higher in the sky. Honestly, I think we are all quite relieved to no longer be in the Florida heat and humidity. Because of the slow pace and high traffic at the Zimbabwe border on Fridays, we will not head into Zimbabwe until Saturday. The plan is to take travel breakfast and lunch and leave here at about 5:30 am. It is our understanding that the drive up to the border will be about 6 hours. Length of time crossing – that is the real unknown as far as how long it will take. We are looking forward to arriving in Zimbabwe and getting settled so we can get started with our ministry. I will send another report once we arrive in Zimbabwe. I know I can safely say that all the team sends their love and greetings to their families and friends.

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