Honduras is in La Mosquitia!

And we made it to La Mosquitia! Thanks again for your prayers, you wouldn’t believe how God answered. After our detour to the Santa Cruz base, we woke up at 3 am Tuesday morning and left at 4 am so that we would be able to make the whole trip in one day. After about six hours on the bus, something was wrong with the tires, so there was a terrible smell, and then one of the tires popped. We stopped to get it fixed and then got back on the road again. Then there was that smell again, and another tire popped! They stopped the bus, and the tires were smoking badly, and a third tire popped! Each pop was actually very loud, so it was kind of scary. The team got off the bus, made a circle, and prayed. We were supposed to meet up with three pickup trucks who would be taking us the rest of the way, so we called and they were able to come and pick us up. We were able to stop at Wendy’s where the team bought lunch and then we went the last two and a half hours to La Mosquitia. It took two trips in the boat to get all 48 duffel bags and 48 carry-ons and 24 people – but the good news is that it was only a five-minute boat trip over to the other side! On Wednesday, we were able to get settled in and the whole team worked for about two hours doing some cleaning up projects. Today, the team split in half – one half going out on the boat to a village where they will do their presentation, and the other half staying here to begin the work project that they will be doing. Unfortunately, it has rained almost the entire time we’ve been here. Thanks again for praying.

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