We made it to Mongolia and have hit the ground running!

Hello to the family and friends abroad! We made it to Mongolia and have hit the ground running! We did not loose any luggage, praise the Lord. On the way here we made an unexpected stop in Kyrgyzstan. It was a nice little stop to stretch our legs while the plane got some fuel. It is about 67 degrees here, most of us are wearing our sweatshirts, but we are keeping warm. Team members have made comments about how they are enjoying the weather, it is a nice change from Florida! We are getting adjusted to the time zone here, people are sleepy sometimes but it is going well. We each got a  hot shower yesterday at a bath house for $1.25 per person. It was very worth it. While most of the team was doing that Mr. Matt, Ms. Linda, Gantuya (the staff here), Gideon and Katie went downtown to pick up some food for the team. They got to experience and see some of the crazy driving here in the city! We stayed at a church here in Ulaanbaatar last night. The team had the opportunity to walk to a nearby market to pick up a few things; that was an fun little adventure. This morning we loaded a truck full of all the Boot Camp supplies and we are taking it down there now to set up camp! Some of the students and staff here were very kind and stayed up very late last night to make us food. So today at lunch time we had a special meal. It was a wrap of seaweed, veggies, some meat and rice. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we are grateful for the hospitality. The team will be working on writing letters to send home in a day or so. The plan for the rest of the day will be setting up our living space and unloading the truck full of supplies. All of us will begin setting up the Mongolian Boot Camp asap. The team members are anxious to know what part they will be playing at this camp. We have met the BMW students here as well as some local believers and we are happy to be working with them! Please pray for safety as we work, for the Lord to keep us healthy and strong, for each one of us to grow in our walk with the Lord, for the team members to be able to communicate effectively as they teach at the Boot Camp, please pray we continue to get adjusted and for good weather! Thank you for reading and praying. Until Next time, God bless you in your work for the Lord!

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  1. Wonderful news about everyone getting there safely with luggage. I bet the hot shower was great. Super pictures and descriptions about what you are doing. Praise God for all of your servant hearts. Praying for you all.

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