Madagascar Eye traveling to South Base

Hello from Madagascar-

It’s so exciting to make our first team report from Madagascar.  We have been here two days and they have been very busy.  We just found internet today, so I apologize for not writing sooner.  We arrived in Madagascar on Wednesday, 7/5.  All of our bags were with us, but we were short a team member & leader 🙁 Unfortunately, one of our team members developed an illness and was not able to fly with us from Washington DC, so our leader, Rachel stayed behind with the team member until they were cleared to fly. Fortunately, they have now been cleared to fly & departed Washington DC just a few hours ago.  We are looking forward to having them return to the team.

Upon arrival in Madagascar we met Ethan & Rae, our additional leaders who will be spending the summer with us in Madagascar.  They are here on a year-long internship with Teen Missions and were asked to help lead our team.  They have been a wonderful addition to the team and the team members have accepted them with open arms.  We were also met by Liva (the Northern Base Coordinator), Zozo & Van (who both work at the southern base).  We then travelled to a wonderful Christian lodging facility in the capital, Tana.  The team enjoyed the soft beds & warm showers.  Our leaders spent Wednesday buying supplies that we will need at the Southern Base, like basic food staples, first aide supplies for our ministry, and travel food for our long journey south.  While some of our leaders were out shopping, the team took the opportunity to catch up on their verses and Bible Studies.  While we were not catching up, the team had a neat opportunity to minister to some children who were attending school on the Christian Lodging property.  The team members performed the motions from their puppet songs, did a drama and just played with the kids.  It was a HUGE highlight of the day.

Today, the team arose at 5 am this morning to load the 4 mini-buses that would caravan us to the Southern Base.  We drove for 12. plus hours today to make it just 1/2 way to the southern base :-). Tonight we are sleeping on the floor of a school and then we will raise early again tomorrow to complete our journey.  Please pray for us as we travel. The roads are very windy & there is a lot of stopping, which has made it difficult for those who are prone to motion sickness.  Dramamine has become their friend 🙂

I wanted to thank all of the parents who left wonderful goodies for our team on Commissioning night.  Those treats have been a huge blessing on our long travel days.  Please continue to pray for the team as we travel and then upack (Lord willing) at the base tomorrow night.  

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