BULA from “heaven on earth”!!!!

BULA from ” heaven on earth”!!!! We could have not asked for a better team, host missionaries, weather or scenery.

The team is doing great. The supplies were slow in coming the first couple of days and we learned to dread the sound of the truck engine as it usually came in the evenings after everyone had showered. However, they would happily (well most of them) grab their hats and gloves and unload the truck.

The camp committee came and visited yesterday afternoon and were pleasantly surprised at the amount of work they got done in 2 1/2 day. The blocks are up to 4-5 courses and seven at the Windows. Trusses are being made along with painting of the buildings. They are a hard working group who love to have fun.

Free time and evenings are spent playing on the swing set or rope swing, playing games or just lying in the grass enjoying the breezes. After evening devos, the team enjoys gazing at the stars and looking for the Southern Cross and other constellations.

The days are warm and the evenings are cool, requiring a jacket or sweatshirt. We have not seen any rain.

Today the team enjoyed visiting the Brethren Church where they did a presentation D heard a sermon on Hebrews 9. Afterwards, we all went to Chicken Express where we enjoyed a lunch of chicken. Afterwards, we hit the grocery store to buys essentials such as shampoo, razors and cookies.

This week we will be visiting a waterfall and going zip lining before going to buy souvenirs at a market. We also hope to get into some schools for evangelism/presentations.

The team members are growing spiritually as evidenced by their comments after private devotions and what they share after evening devotions.

Thank you for your prayers and KEEP PRAYING!!!!

From team members:

Chicas – Fiji is great! Everything is going good so far. The work is really fun and the people are really nice. The weather is a little cold at night, but it will be ok. The lord is teaching me a lot in daily devos. It sure is nice here!

Chris M. – The Fiji trip is great for views. It is very beautiful and building a dorm is fun.

Conner – the team is amazing! The building is going up fast and this place is gorgeous!

Emily – Fiji is great! We get to swim in this awesome river that’s just like Twin Falls.its cool here and we are getting a lot of work done. I miss you and love you tons!

Erica – Fiji is spectacular and the food is good. The temperature is like Florida winter and uses, dad, the toilets flush counter clockwise.

Sam – Hey everyone! It’s going well here. We are making progress and having fun!

Broden – Hi Mom and Dad! We made it and I’m doing really well. The plane flights were good and we have settled in here at the camp. Everyone is doing well. Fiji is beautiful! Love you guys. I’ll send a letter tonight.

Camdin – I love it here! Everything is pretty awesome!

Christina – So far we are almost done with the building and today we are going to church. I can’t wait to get back home and tell everyone about this trip. See you all soon!

Naomi – Fiji is honestly just so awesome. The views of the mountains. Are just in credible and I can’t wait to serve the Lord even more in Fiji!

Elena – Fiji is really amazing! It’s so beautiful and the weather is really lovely. I miss you guys so much!

Karissa – I made it! Fiji is great! I love it; it’s like Belize. I love you guys!

Koleen – I made it! We are two days working on the dormitory and the locals are happy with it. We also did a presentation at a church todaY which was a blast and eye opening. Love and miss you lots!

Luke – Hi family! I am here safely in Fiji. My birthday was OK.

Shanson – Fiji is amazing. The mountains are beautiful and the people are fantastic!

Kalia – hey Mom! Fiji is gorgeous and the locals are so sweet. We need to come back and check out the island for sure!

Logan – hey Mom and Dad! I’m having a great tim. It’s nice and cool while we work. We have accomplished a lot of work in trays. Love you guys!

Oscar – Hey Mom and Dad and Anna! Fiji is great! The work project is coming along quickly. I really love it here, but I can’t wait to see you again. Love you!

Alex – I am learning a lot.  I wish I could stay here longer.

Alec – Fiji is amazing! So much to see and do. We are so blessed with great leaders, running water, showers, toilets and electricity. The people in charge of the compare very kind and made us feel welcomed the moment we got here.

Grace – hey family! Fiji is so beautiful! I miss you all to bits and can’t wait to get home to the new one. Tell the littles I said hi and I love them so much!!! I love you all and ant what to talk to you in the airport!

Timothy – Gigi is awesome! It is so pretty here and the weather rocks. Please continue to pray for the team as we work.  God bless.

Nathan – Hey Mom and Dad, Alex, Nicole, Christian and Patsy! Love you guys! It’s great here.

Caleb – Loving Fiji sooooo much! The people at hospitable, the views are beautiful and the weather is very nice. God is so very good!

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