Greetings from Bako project site in Ethiopia!

Greetings from Bako project site in Ethiopia! The arrival to Ethiopia was an adventure. Half way to the orphanage, the bus tire popped and Christian O. helped in fixing it. While the team was waiting, they started to sing songs to the people surrounding them. The orphanage greeted us with flowers, coffee, and dinner. When we arrived at the job site, we had to wait for the materials to arrive to continue building on to what the last team had built. April Y. was very persuasive when it came to the job site. A lot of the men did not want the girls to work, but she let them know that the other girls and herself could handle the work. Two other girls, Micah K. and Sigga S. helped the head leaders by making tables and shelves for storage in the kitchen. Overall, the team has been productive and have had positive attitudes. The team has been doing very well on the work site since the materials arrived and we hope that they will have the project finished before we leave. The weather has been good with some light rain showers. They have had some time to play with the orphans too. 

Our first week in Ethiopia has been an amazing experience so far. We have gotten to spend time with the orphans and play/sing with them. I have loved getting to know their culture better. We have started our work project (block laying) and I am excited to see how much we get done. The food is fantastic and everyone is so hospitable. I am looking forward to the rest of our stay here. -Chloe P

We are done with the first week in Ethiopia! Everything is going great, although I miss my bed terribly, sleeping on hard ground is not fun. Ethiopia is not what I was expecting, everything is green and the natives are so nice. Work at the construction site is hard work, but playing with the children make it all worth it. Three and a half more weeks to go! – Taryn B

Ethiopia is such a beautiful place. It has been a joy to meet all the people here but the orphans are the best. We started working on the main project and I can’t wait to finish! It is so much fun!!! – Sigga S

So far, Ethiopia has been terrific. We wake up every morning to a great view of the beautiful landscape, and all of the locals are happy and friendly. The orphans have been such a blessing to us with their energy, smiles, and capacity for love. We have already made good progress on the worksite, and I am very excited to see all the work that we do here. – Casey E

Made it to where we’re staying in Ethiopia! We started on the work site laying block walls and it’s been going really well. The kids at the orphanage are so fun to play with! I always hangout with one girl named Bikuito. She’s four and so cute! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip will bring! – Phoebe P

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