Greetings from the Ecuador Pre Teen Team!

Greetings from the Ecuador Pre-Teen Team!
It has been a busy and exciting week! We started out the week making our way to Ecuador, a few of our kids flying in an airplane for the first time. The first night here we stayed off base at a local seminary and the next day we went sightseeing. We got to go to La Mitad del Mundo for sightseeing and souvenir shopping. The kids enjoyed seeing all the colorful woven ponchos and hammocks, and thought it was cool getting change back from purchases in local currency! After a long day of fun we traveled for three hours to the TMI base and got the kids settled in their tents for a well- needed rest. The next two days we continued to get settled and made it feel more like home. The kids started working on Wednesday and loved it! We are putting up a fence around the perimeter of the base and laying some block for the new boot camp building. Brooke and Tamzin expressed how much they were enjoying working on a project to help others and to be part of the work God will continue to do through this base!

Note: The Preteens and Teens have been together at the site, so we are sending all the pictures of both teams taken by the missionary.

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