Hello from the Arizona team

Hello from the Arizona team. We finally made it to El Nathan camp on Friday evening. We made a quick stop in Lubbock, Texas and stayed the night with a family. They were very kind and had a pool and pizza party for the team. The pool had a hot tub on one corner of the pool. I looked over and found an empty pool, because the whole team had crowded into the hot tub. They all enjoyed themselves and it gave us a nice break after being on the road for so long.

Despite having been in the van for the majority of the time in the van, the team still found time to witness at gas stations and rest stops. At several of the stops, the kids handed out tracks and talked to people there.

Despite being on a U.S. team we have still had some safari-type experiences. To my surprise while driving through the wide open land in Arizona, I heard on of the kids yelling “Oh look out the window I see a lion.” All of the kids got excited until one of them realized was a cow, not a lion. Also while setting up camp, another person came up and pointed to a field saying they saw a kangaroo which actually turned out to be a deer.

El Nathan camp sits at the bottom of a Rocky Mountain right at the edge of Flagstaff. It sits at an elevation of 7,500 feet above sea level. The weather has been nice and dry for the most part, raining for a few minutes each day. There is no humidity and the air is very dry whenever it’s not raining. We have all had to adjust to the hills and higher altitude and the thinner air. The dry air has also been a big adjustment after the humid weather in Florida.

We were able to do our first presentation at a local church in Flagstaff. They were a bit nervous at performing in front of a crowd, but did an amazing job. The whole thing went smoothly and the church enjoyed the program. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice dinner of tacos made with Indian fried bread.

The camp we will be working with just arrived Saturday. It is a family camp and we will be helping out with the younger kids (from 1st through 6th grade). We will be helping with crafts, games, music and whatever else that they need help with. Please pray for us that we will be bold in sharing the gospel and that we will be a blessing to the campers.

Cheyenne H.
I learned when you are going through rough times you should always believe in God. No matter if you are scared or nervous, just know that God is with you. I noticed that when we do memory verses it is for us to remember God’s words and what He wants us to learn from that.

Arthur L.

God has told me many things in my heart. He told me to be a good friend. He has told me to teach others. Last but not least I learned to work for God.

Matthew O.
What I enjoy doing in Arizona is working and doing different things like sleeping in tents. I also like serving the Lord in different ways.

Elijah E.
I enjoy being here because I got to share the Lord and to learn about the Lord.

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