Holy Land team in awe of the sights around us!

We are in awe at the sights around us.  It is amazing to think that we are walking where Jesus walked and to be where events in the Bible actually took place.  What an incredible opportunity it is to serve here. 

On Friday afternoon, the  team walked down the hill to Bethlehem. We got to visit the birthplace of Jesus and see the old city of Bethlehem.  Everyone was so excited to see it even though it was crowded.  A huge blessing was being able to catch a bus to take us back up the hill instead of walking. It was well worth the 4 shekels (75 cents) we all paid to ride. 
The work project is coming along well.  We have the footer done for the extension to the laundry building and we are also digging out another footer to make a concrete pad for clothes lines next to our building project. The team works well and they are working hard too. 
We are thankful that everyone is healthy now and the colds and coughs are much better.   
On Sunday, we had a church service here at Hope School and then journeyed into Jerusalem to see some of the sights and find a church for worship next Sunday.  What an incredible day!! We met some precious ladies from Peru at the Bus stop.  Aaron and Diana were great at communicating with them in Spanish.  They helped us on the Bus and showed us how to get through The border crossing.  They are here helping a family near Hope School.  We toured the Old City, we visited the Western Wall, we saw the Eastern Gate that has been sealed shut, we saw The Garden of Gethsemene, the Valley of the Kings, the Dung gate, the Damascus Gate, the Jaffa Gate and the Via Delorosa.  We also found a quiet haven next to David’s tower called Christ Church Guest House.  We toured the property and even arranged to go back on Thursday to volunteer for the morning.  They offered to feed the team lunch, too! Christ church is founded by the Anglican Church and they are they primarily there to tell the Good News of Jesus Christ to Jewish people.  It was a memorable day for sure.
We have been hearing from team members in evening devotions.  Jon Michael shared on Saturday and Ethan shared his testimony last night.  Judah will lead us tonight.  Aaron, Kimberly, Victoria, and Josh, Dot and Brady have all done a fantastic job on KP.
Last night during team time we had a time of prayer for each other.  It was a real blessing to hear the team members and leaders praying for each other. 
Thank you all for praying for us!  Keep praying for good health and safety for the team. 

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