Indiana beginning Fair Share

Since arriving back in Evansville after visiting the Ark and Creation Museum the team has had a lot of time to settle in and get prepared to share at the county fairs. Thursday and Friday the team was able to memorize God’s ABC’s, give mock surveys, and spend time improving their presentations. On Saturday we had our first TTT rally which was great fun. Several members of the community were here and the team was able to share some songs, a testimony, and a drama. Sunday morning we left bright and early for Ellis Mound Missionary Baptist Church. The team gave another presentation and the church was generous and provided lunch and allowed us to stay the afternoon as we waited till our next activity. That night we all went to the Wayne County Fair were it was Christian night! The team was able to enjoy the free rides and concerts. Today we are preparing for our first evangelism experience. We are splitting into three groups to go to the three different counties. Please pray for us as we travel and the team has the opportunity to share with people who have not ever heard the Gospel, or those who have never given a second thought to it. We are excited for what God is going to do through this team.

Being able to go to the church and spend time with the rope there.
We will be in 3 county’s for the next week. Our goal is to be comfortable asking to give surveys and leading into the gospel message.

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